Monday, July 21, 2008

See & Be Seen : Blog Ads

Remember this post from May? It's about ad space on the the Sew Gracious blog. The amount of daily traffic has just about doubled since the original post so I decided it was time to mention ad space again. If you had been advertising during my giveaway; just imagine how many people would have seen your ad. Over 300 people left a comment. That's probably about half of the number who visited and didn't leave a comment. Think of the exposure you could have gotten! :-)
Well, it's not too late to get in on the excitment! A limited number of blog ads are still available. There's no long term commitment; just renew month-to-month. Skip a month or two if you need to, then pick up again later. I'm easy to get along with! ;-)
The monthly fee is very affordable and comparable to many Project Wonderful ads. You may link to your blog, your Etsy shop, your webspace . . . it's your choice. Remember, I'm easy to get along with!
Some pretty savvy business women are already here!! Pampering Beki has a wonderful Etsy Shop & Blog! Beki is a talented designer & a well-known blogger too! My friend Sally of the Polka Dot Mom blog also has a great website with the cutest things for your girly-girl.
You may also notice an ad for Fabric Gracious. That's my Etsy destash shop! ;-)

So will my ad be at the bottom of the list? No, I rotate the blog ads every day or two. That way, everyone gets a shot at the top spot. If you are the last person to sign up, your ad won't always be at the bottom. Clear as mud? ;-)
How do people find this blog? I promote this blog on Etsy, which brings in ALOT of traffic. I also have the blog address on my business cards (which go out with every order), in the signature of my emails, in the signature of off-Etsy forums that I visit & any other place I can put it with being an obnoxious spammer! ;-)
One of the best ways to promote a blog is to post on other blogs! You can see my blog roll down there in the left menu. Those are just a few of my favorite blogs! I visit & post on several blogs which creates a link right back here. People click & instantly see your ad!
Do you want to gain more exposure for your blog, Etsy shop or website for just a few cents per day? Got a non-animated 125 x 125 or 150 x 150 ad in .jpg , .gif or .png format?
You're good to go!
Email me to set up your ad space today!