Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sew Gracious is staying BUSY!

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Hey Friends!  Remember me? 
I'm the one who used to blog here, regularly.
 Yeah....that girl!

Just a FEW of the dozens of beautiful pillow covers from the SG Etsy Shop
Many sizes as well as custom sizes and sets are available!

I can happily report that I haven't blogged because I've been busy with the new direction of my Etsy shop.  Last fall, I started the transition from making organizer bins, accessories and the like to the world of home decor.  I love making pillow covers and it's been a great success.

I realized that it was just much easier to keep customers up-to-date on the latest items and SG news via the Sew Gracious Facebook page.  I'm already logged in there daily and it's easy to share a picture and a quick quip about something new.  As much as I enjoyed doing the blog, it created more work and I felt like I was repeating myself here and on FB.  

That said...I hope you will follow/like Sew Gracious on Facebook.  I'm going to take a break from writing the blog for a while, but hope to get back to it.  I have tons of pictures and recipes to share but until there are more than 24 hours in the day, I'll stick with sewing and keeping up up-to-date via Facebook.

If you any questions, you can message me via the Etsy shop or Facebook.  I'd love to hear from you!