Saturday, May 3, 2008

See & Be Seen : blog ads

Have you noticed the new feature?
<-------- over there on the left menu ---------<

It's called "See & Be Seen"

I'm now accepting blog ad space!
There's no long term commitment; just renew month-to-month. Skip a month or two if you need to. I'm easy to get along with! ;-) The monthly fee is very affordable and comparable to many Project Wonderful ads. You may link to your blog, your Etsy shop, your webspace . . . it's your choice. Remember, I'm easy to get along with!

Some pretty savvy business women are already there!! Be sure to visit the Pampering Beki
Etsy Shop & Blog! Beki is a talent designer & a great blogger too! My friend Sally of the Polka Dot Mom blog also has a great website with the cutest things for your girly-girl. You may also notice an ad for Fabric Gracious. That's my Etsy destash shop! ;-)

The ad block will stay near the top of the left menu. I will also rotate the ads every day or two. That way, everyone gets a shot at the top spot. If you are the last person to sign up, you ad won't always be at the bottom. Clear as mud? ;-)

My readership is building everyday . . . lots of new people are finding this blog! (Thanks for the info
Blog Patrol!) I promote this blog on Etsy, which brings in ALOT of traffic. I also have the blog address on my business cards (which go out with every order), in the signature of my emails, in the signature of off-Etsy forums that I visit & any other place I can put it with being an obnoxious spammer! ;-)

One of the best ways to promote a blog is to post on other blogs! You can see my blog roll down there in the left menu. Those are just a few of my favorite blogs! I visit & post on several blogs which creates a link right back here. People click & instantly see your ad!

So are you interested? Do you want to gain more exposure for your blog for just a few cents per day? Got a 125 x 125 ad in .jpg or .gif format? You're good to go!

Email me to set up your ad space! SEE & BE SEEN!


PamperingBeki said...

I'm *thrilled* to be seen here!! :)

Sew Gracious said...

I am delighted to have you here, Beki!

~~~ Thank you ! ~~~ :-)