Thursday, April 10, 2008

This Time; It's Personal

Many people may think that because I make bags, I have a closet-full. Not so.

I get a new bag when I decide to keep one that didn't turn out quite right {an "oops" bag} or one, that for some incredibly strange reason, hasn't sold! ;-)

Today was different. We are getting ready to head out on Spring Break {WOO HOOO} and I desperately needed a new bag. My current bag was an old oops bag that I carried last winter and I was tired of it. It wasn't very beach-y . . at all. So, I decided to make a bag just for me; something I would buy if I were looking at websites or Etsy shops.

Here's what I came up with. My new favorite, natural linen, paired with a patchwork of some of my favorite fabrics; topped off with a band of brand new Amy Butler Midwest Modern pink floral. I've shown pics of both sides because they are different.

I'd love to have your comments on this bag. I'm going to set up a poll on the blog too. Please vote and let me know if you want more linen bags. I would love to make more if you like them.

More about spring break soon. ;-)


And a note about Idol Gives Back:

  • Biggest Surprise of the Night : HEART! Love ya, Ann & Nancy! I just hated that Ann apparently can't hit those high notes anymore; but Fergie did a great job
  • Most Impressive Move of the Night : 2 one-handed front walkovers by Fergie! WOW
  • GOING HOME TONIGHT: Syesha although Carly is low in the polls


Sarah McBride said...

well you know what I have to say about that bag....LOVE IT.

i am just in awe at the beauty of your bags.

I, too, thought Sayesha was going home. I was kind of shocked that it was Michael.
Kristy Lee Cook has GOT to go.

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

I do the same thing. The "not so perfect" bags are mine. I've never really sat down to make one just for me. Your new bag is beautiful!!!
Have fun on vacation!

knitsational said...

That turned out lovely! I just love linen. It's so summery!

Sally said...

You will receive so many compliments on your vacation for that bag! Then you will have to start selling them. Enjoy your break...relax while you can! :)

Marie said...

I love the linen bag with all the fabrics. It's like being able to carry a little bit of all your faves without having to choose just one. You should definitely make these for your Etsy shop!