Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Ice Cream Recipe

One of the joys of snow is simple treats like Snow Ice Cream.  Around here, we only get to make it once every 100 years or so because we rarely get enough snow to make it.  In honor of the blizzard sweeping across the nation, I wanted to share the treat we made during our snow storm in January of this year.

Like all good, true Southern cooks; I didn't measure anything.  This is strictly a "throw it together and tweak it til it tastes right recipe".  If you are an engineer or one who has to have detail instructions, this recipe may not be right for you.

Anyway, here we go . .

You need clean snow. {insert joke about avoiding the yellow snow here}  Put out a clean bowl to catch some,  if possible.  My bowl was an 8 cup Pyrex dish.  It was just about right to make enough snow cream for us.
8 cup Pyrex bowl.  It was full the next day after overnight snowfall

Bring in the clean snow indoors and dump into a large mixing bowl.  You will also need some sugar, milk & vanilla extract.

Add sugar; about 1/2 cup or to your taste

Add about 1 teaspoon {or a capful} of real vanilla extract

Add enough milk & stir until mixture resembles soft-serve ice cream.

eat it now because it won't keep!