Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1 . . . really?

Ok, where did January go?  Wasn't it just Christmas last week?  Seriously!  I've always heard that the older one gets, the faster time passes.  Just because I had a birthday in December doesn't mean that time has to hop on a freight train and zoom right past me.   I promise, I haven't been slacking in 2011.  Things have been pretty busy.  As I looked back over the pictures I took in January, I realized just how busy.  {apparently a little too busy to blog much!  LOL}

We started the month off with a huge snow storm.  I know you folks experiencing this right now may not have much compassion; and that's OK.    Our 6-7 inches of snow is nothing to compare with what you all are dealing; however in Alabama, those things don't happen often.  School was out for a solid week and that is unheard of.  A FB fan asked if our school system didn't have built-in snow days.  Well, not that many.  If we do have to miss school because of weather, there is a day here or there to make it up.  As it is now, we have 6 days to make up . . . 5 from our snow week and one from a previous bad weather day in 2010. 

The rest of the month was busy too.  We visited the Rick and Bubba show, attended a sports banquet, celebrated a birthday, participated in our first ever pageant {no, we are not and will not be pageant people; but it was a good confidence builder}.  Oh, and I did a little sewing along the way too!

Here's hoping that February will be another busy, fun, productive month for us all!  Happy February! {stay warm and get ready for Valentine's Day!}