Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quick Broccoli Chicken Stirfry Recipe

I know
Mom!  What's for dinner?
The age old question.

What's the answer?
Maybe I can help with that!

This is one of my family's favorites so I have it in the dinner rotation often!  Easy Peasy, baby!

I don't have a formal name for this recipe.  Call it Broccoli Stirfry, Broccoli Chicken Stirfry, Asian Stirfry, Oriental Stirfry . . . well, you get the idea.  Let's get on with the details.

First, let me say that Sew Daddy grills a huge batch of chicken every Sunday; enough for me to use during the week for dinner, salads, sandwiches, etc.  Cook once, eat lots.  It works for us. {love that Sew Daddy!}

To make this super simple recipe, you need the items pictured above along with a few other things.  I'll give you the basic instructions and you can improvise as you like.

Saute a bag of broccoli slaw {available with the bagged lettuces in the produce section} in Kraft Asian Light Sesame Dressing {available in the salad dressing aisle}.  Use as much dressing as you like.  Use a little to start because you can always add more to taste.  As the broccoli is going, add a dash of low sodium soy sauce &/or teriyaki if you like.  If you don't, leave it out.  You can add matchstick carrots, water chestnuts, onion, peppers, mushrooms . . . anything you & your family like in a stirfry.

Once the broccoli is crisp tender, serve it up; topped with grilled chicken and some crunchy chow mein noodles.  If you have some silvered almonds, that would be a nice touch too.  This dish is great alone or served with some steamed rice or orzo on the side.  I like using chopsticks. . . . at least till I get down to the last few bites; then I need a fork. 

This was our dinner last night.  YUM!  I've shared this on Twitter & on Facebook so I wanted to share it with my blog readers too!