Tuesday, November 2, 2010

VOTE : Today is Election Day

The mid-term elections are today.  Voting is a priviledge and people have shed blood to protect that priviledge.  Our founding fathers came here to escape an overbearing goverment.  They came here to avoid religious persecution and taxation without representation so they could establish a government that was for the people, by the people.  They were ruled by a monarch; one who infiltrated every aspect of their lives.  They had no freedom.  They came here, fought many bloody battles, but in the end the people prevailed.

As I look at our country today, I wonder what our founding fathers would say if they were here today.  They would probably be very sad; feeling that their efforts were in vain.  They would see a government that is infiltrating every aspect of our lives.  They would see an insane amount of taxes, earmarks and goverment waste.  They would see career politicians who are more interested in building their own wealth rather creating an political/economic environment where their constituents have an opportunity to flourish.  The founding fathers would see the highest leaders in that land pushing through policies that the people do not support.  I believe the founding fathers would be so disappointed in the state of affairs in 2010.

The good news is that today is the first step toward REAL change.  It's an opportunity for the people to beginning taking back OUR government.  It is the chance to make our voices heard and heard loudly; in Washington and locally.

I have heard some people say that they like neither candidate for an office so they just won't vote at all because they don't want to support "the lesser of two evils".   By not voting at all, they are only serving "the greater of two evils".

Remember to vote today.  Our country, our economy, our future, our children are depending on your effort.

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