Thursday, February 28, 2008

Palm Beach, Baby . . . & Idol Thoughts

Even if you're not going to Palm Beach, you can still be stylish with this uber chic bag!

Inspired by Lilly Putlizer colors & patterns, this pretty patchwork print pique makes this bag unique. I paired the pique with sea blue deco weight fabric. Sweet! Just for the disclaimer...this is not Lilly P fabric; just a more affordable alternative. ;-)

Get it now and be ready for your spring break vacation, beach trip in summer or just to get out of that "is it spring yet" funk.

Click the pic or click here to grab this OOAK bag!
If you like matchy-matchy, pick up the tissue cover here.

Now...on to American Idol. I have to say that last night the girls were "forgettable" to use one of Simon's favorite terms. Carly was the ONLY one who picked the right song for her voice and did a great job on it. If you can sing Heart well, you can sing, girl! I was shocked that the judges didn't give her more. Maybe because she was the first one to sing....I don't know.

Amanda's version of Carry On My Wayward Son bordered on frightening. She missed the boat by NOT doing a Grace Slick song. She had the look and she has the voice. Why do a Kansas song?

Although only 2 girls will go home tonight Kady, Kristy Lee and Alaina all NEED to head on back to the house. ;-) Hopefully next week's genre will be better. I'm hoping for some 80s music! ;-)

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The Downtown Boutique said...

Pam, what great colors in this bag! So perfect for summer. I am saving up to get one of your bags!