Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Have you visited Etsy today?

To Market, To Market . . .
Market Totes are the hottest new bag for 2008!

Are you "going green"? Maybe your resolution involves being kinder to the planet in the new year. Re-usable shopping totes don't have to be freebie plain-jane canvas with some weird advertisement on the side. Those are fine and serve a great purpose, but you can still serve the purpose while doing it in style! Do you really want a bag that says "Paper or Plastic?" across the front? LOL Probably not. ;-) A pretty bag will make those market trips more fun....and you'll get tons of compliments!

Market totes aren't just for shopping or those who are eco-conscience! What a great library or book bag. Teachers get tons of basic tote bags during the year, but they would all love to have something pretty like this. I know you just bought teacher gifts for Christmas, but what a great end-of-the-year gift for that special educator! It will be here before we know it.

Crafters need large totes too. Just think of how much yarn that knitters can fit in here. Scrapbookers, needleworkers and office workers would love these bags as well. There is plenty of room for paper, cross stitch supplies...even file folders!

Don't forget new Moms! New parents tend to take lots of baby gear along everything they leave the house. What a pretty bag for carrying bottles, blankets, diapers, know; "everything but the kitchen sink". ;-)

So, back to the question....Have you visited Etsy today? These 2 beautiful new bags are now available in my Etsy shop. Please take a moment to visit now. If you aren't a member of Etsy, but would like to purchase one of these bags, please email me.

What's Etsy? you ask. Etsy is wonderful online shopping destination filled with beautiful handmade items offered by indie artisans. All items on Etsy are priced & are ready-to-purchase...NO BIDDING! You won't find car parts or someone's yard sale rejects. Etsy is filled with beautiful handmade bags, bath & body items, candles, clothing...most anything that can be made by hand.

So....2008 starts for Sew Gracious! I will be listing on my website and on Etsy. Check my latest newsletter here. Sign up for the newsletter here. Be the first to see what's new at Sew Gracious!


Rocki's Rock 'n Beads said...

Oh WOW! I LOVE your totes! Beautiful colors :)

Christina Hill said...

Oh I just LOVE these fabrics! I am all about those rocking retro patterns and colours. What a great blog and your banner is sew beautiful! :)


Rio Oso Designs said...

Those totes are just gorgeous! I'm going to have to go back and look at your Etsy site!