Monday, October 29, 2007

Pumpkin Carving 2007

It's Pumpkin Carving time! The weather was beautiful last week so we enjoyed the crisp air & change of seasons by carving our pumpkin. In the past we've done your basic Jack O' Lantern, a kitty of our own design & other various motifs. This year we wanted to find a cute template for something a little different, so we visited to find this cute freebie called Starry Night.

Preparing for battle

I'm goin' in!
Good thing DH will do this part. Digging out a pumpkin gags me! LOL


The GLORY : an Extra Bonus
Pumpkin Seeds to Roast! YUM!

Transfering the Pattern

The Negative

The Positive
: Our Finished Pumpkin :

You are about to enter the Twilight Zone!
Do-Do . . Do do . . . *insert Twilight Zone music here* ;-)

Happy Halloween! :-)

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Erika Cass Designs said...

Oh this is fabulous! Ours didn't work so well. :oP