Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring Break in Sew Gracious-ville

Finally . . . almost . . . SPRING BREAK!

but there is still work to be done! 

Spring Break coincides with Easter for us this year.  That creates some challenges for things in the ol' SG Etsy Shop.  This has been the biggest year yet for SG Easter Baskets.  I'm happy, I'm blessed and I'm sewing like crazy!  :) 

I have established a work schedule to accomodate orders, but still have time to get ready for vacation. It's hard to get all of the details in the shop announcements at Etsy so I wanted to explain things here. 

  • April 11-24 : Orders placed during this time will go into production the week of April 25
  • All Easter Baskets & Organizer Bins currently listed in the shop are READY TO SHIP and can be mailed until April 14
  • Easter Baskets ordered before April 3 will ship by April 14
  • Some items {including wallets and organizer bins} have been temporarily removed from the shop to allow time to finish pending Easter Basket orders before spring break.  These items will be activated in the shop around April 15
  • April 15-24 : The Etsy shop will remain open for your shopping convenience, I will check convos but not as often as usual.  No orders will be in production and no shipments will be made.
If you have questions about a pending order, please contact me via Etsy.

Have you had your Spring Break yet?  What did you do?

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