Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

With appreciation for the brave men & women who have served this country,
those who have given the ultimate sacrifice,
their families,
those who serve today so that we can be free,
those whose service allows freedom of speech, freedom of opinions, freedom of religion,
those who serve proudly & deserve respect, but don't always get it
those who serve is taken for granted by some, but they still serve faithfully,
those who serve humbly, honorably & quietly.

Thank you.

Patriotism seems to be waning, but we cannot forget what has made our country so great.
Fly a flag, thank a veteran, be proud to be an American!
Freedom is not free.

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AllyJo said...

Thank you for your nice post. I just started following your blog. Funny thing...I guess I've been on Facebook too much, because I was looking for the "LIKE" button on this post. LOL So I had to leave a comment instead. Take care.