Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Diamond in the ROUGH : American Idol

R O U G H indeed!

Everything about last night's American Idol was rough! The performances were sub-par; from all contestants. There were a couple of highlights, but they were dimmed by the other distractions. (earth to Paula!)

American Idol's ratings have dropped considerably this year. Last night was an example of why they are dropping. I know that Neil Diamond is an icon on history of American music. Yes, he has written &/or sung some of the most well-known songs around. The problem is; he is not NOW. Some would say his music is timeless, but it does not appeal to the majority of the AI audience. It obviously didn't appeal to many of the contestants. Neil Diamond was on AI to promote HIS upcoming new album & tour.

If AI wants their ratings to increase, they need a wider variety of mentors. This years crop hasn't been that great. Yes, they are all extremely talented, but weren't contemporary.

  • Dolly was fine and a positive influence, but her life performance was lacking.
  • Mariah has re-invented herself yet again, but wasn't that "helpful" to the contestants
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber was the best mentor of the season. He did what a mentor SHOULD do on this show; plus his songs truly are timeless
  • Neil Diamond has been around forever. These kids don't like those songs but are forced to sing them

Last night's show was a trainwreck on so many other levels. Why try to cram 10 songs into a 1 hour show? Ryan set the tone right of the bat which seemed to put everyone on edge. I agree, the pace of the show should move along, but last night's show was better suited for 5 songs rather than 10.

Paula. PaulaPaulaPaula She was so bad that even Simon tried to pull her of the ditch. Maybe she was incredibly bored by ND songs too and just thought Jason sang two.

So, my pick for a ticket home tonight . . . . . Brooke White


UniqueNurseGranny said...

Glad to have missed that one.

The Nature Nut said...

I agree it was just horrible. At least David Cook did a good job with his 2 songs and Brook actually gave me goosebumps with the second song she did on the piano. Other than that the show was a total write-off.

Sarah McBride said...

I love neil diamond and i was sadly disappointed by everyone.N.D. is such an icon his songs are hard to sing without being compared. He is just such a legend.
I thought Jason should have gone home. Forever in Blue Jeans is one of my fave N.D. songs and he murdered it. seriously, what was up with Paula?? Everyone looked so confused.