Wednesday, April 9, 2008

American Idol Re-Cap

At this stage in the game, it gets harder to see contestants go home. It's time for everyone to bring their A-game . . and most did last night.

"Over the Rainbow" has been a defining song for Jason & also for Kat McPhee a few years ago. Each version was different, but each performer made a statement with their version. I really like Jason's version last night. He's growing on me . . . if he just doesn't speak! LOL

I just can't behind Kristy Lee. I think her song choice (especially the lyrics about "sing it anyway") was a thumb of her nose to the judges and the voting public. If I liked her, I'm sure I'd feel differently about her choice. She is safe this week though.

Carly has an amazing voice, but probably could have picked a different song. Queen is great, but we've been a little Queen-heavy this season. Her clothing fit better and she looked more fit than she has in recent weeks, but the stylists need to advise her more at this stage of the game. Her clothing needs to match her talent at this point.

David Cook was disappointing last night. Not a good song choice for him.

Michael Johns . . . still really cute, but the ascots need to go. He looks like he needs a pipe and a smoking jacket rather than a microphon. Dream On is one of my Aerosmith songs and I was surprised that Michael actually did the falsetto part. He did a pretty good job . . . good enough to stay around this week.

Brooke . . . she did ok but I wasn't surprised by her song choice.

David A . . . I LOVE HIM!!! What a talent!
Syesha . . . she's doing all the big-voice diva singers, but America is not behind her. I think she will be packing her bags on Thursday night.
Yes . . .we have to wait until Thursday for this week's results. Tonight, Idol Gives Back and the show starts earlier than normal. Look for lots of big-name talent including Miley Cyrus, past Idol contestants and keep a box is tissue handy.

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