Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Amy-ness & American Idol

I promise . . . I do have fabric in my studio that is NOT Amy Butler. This one, however, IS more Amy fabric. :-)

The Nigella fabric is a DREAM to work with. The weight & texture are nothing short of perfect. The colors coordinate perfectly with the regular quilting cottons, like the Lotus Full Moon Dot shown here.

Click here or click the pic to grab this beautiful bag!

I also have to weigh in on American Idol. I've held my post until I saw the girls sing last night. First let me say that for the guys, David Archuleta is amazing! I think he will do well in the competition and he seems like such a sweet, humble kid.

My other favorite guy is Michael Johns. Hello!!! Finally a contestant that appeals to someone my in age demographic {and I ain't old :-)} rather than just the tween scene.

My predictions for a ticket home tonight : Danny Noriega & David Hernandez

I believe these 3 girls will do very well. They each have a beautiful voice and great stage presence. Good Luck, Girls!

My predictions for girls heading home: Amy Davis & Kristy Lee Cook


Mendy at Modern Charm said...

Pam, that bag is gorgeous! Love those fabrics together!

soandsewcrafty said...

That bag is wonderful!

Gotta agree with you on all your "Idol" predictions!

marci said...

Bag is great - is there such a thing as too much Amy Butler fabric?

I think you're right on with the girls going home - but I think maybe Luke (from my hometown) might be one of the guys going home. Still haven't completely warmed up to anyone quite yet - despite this season having the most talent evah! or so I heard. :)


Thanks for the compliments on the bag, everyone! :-)

Marci...I almost picked Luke to go home, but I guess I wanted him to have a 2nd chance because he's a bit older. Can ya tell I'm way past the teeny-bopper stage? (I think I just aged myself with the term teeny bopper!) I didn't care for his song last night, but I'm hoping he will do better in the coming weeks>

Truly, many of the girls were "forgettable" as Simon has said this year. ;-)

PamperingBeki said...

Pam, I looooove the bag! Love it.

I don't watch AI very often but is that the Australian guy? I happened to catch it the other night and ummm yeah. He's yummy!!