Monday, February 18, 2008

It's Hard to Find, but not Impossible

If you are one who truly loves & appreciates the beautiful fabric designed by Amy Butler, you know that Sun Dahlia from the Ginger Bliss Collection is considered something special.

It's been out of print for several years and is very hard to find. You may occasionally see it on eBay, but it is upwards of $50 a yard . . . sometimes more! As much as I love it, that's way out of my budget.

I was lucky enough to find some on Etsy recently and I couldn't wait to make something . . . so I made alot of things! ;-)

First : the bag! The colors in the Sun Dahlia coordinate perfectly with fabrics from later Amy Butler Collections. The Lime Full Moon Dots from Lotus and the Okra Seeds from Belle are the perfect compliments. Click the pic or get it here.

Next : the mini wallet ~ business card case

If you have a great bag, you need matching accessories. This little mini wallet is perfect for holding business cards. It's small, but still larger enough for your debit cards, drivers license, some cash, lip balm, etc. Perfect for a grab & go trip into the store.

Click the pic or get it here. :-)

Finally : the pocket tissue cover

You always need a tissue for something, whether it is to dab your tears at a wedding or take a sticky sucker from your toddler. Don't dig around in the bottom of your bag. ;-) Here's the perfect solution!

Click the pic or get it here!

I don't believe in high pressure sales AT ALL, but I have to say . . . I'm not sure how long this bag will last. It is OOAK . one-of-a-kind . so if you love it, please don't miss out. Treat yourself to the accessories too! Combined shipping is always available. :-)


Brie said...

Great job!! That looks beautiful!

Mendy at Modern Charm said...

That stuff is gorgeous! I had no idea it was that pricey on ebay!