Tuesday, January 1, 2008


2008: A brand new year...full of promise, full of possibilities, full of opportunities.

My 2008 begins with the arrival of a new baby in our family. No, not me. :-) My niece had her first child yesterday. He's the first baby in a long time in our family. He won't be spoiled or anything, but 2008 should be a good year for him and his parents and those of us who can't wait to love him.

I begin 2008 weighing 20 pounds less than I did a year ago. NICE! I did well during the holidays although I can tell that I ate things I hadn't eaten in a quite a while. I will be hitting the gym regularly to maintain my healthier lifestyle. It's good to feel good! :-)

In my hopes & prayers, 2008 will be a good year for Sew Gracious too. After many, many years on eBay, 2008 will bring a change of direction for my efforts. I may continue to list occasionally on eBay; just to keep my name out there while I steer business to my website. My ultimate goal is to sell most items via my website at www.sewgracious.com

In an effort to reach more customers, I decided to venture out from eBay (sometimes know as FeeBay) In November 2007, I started listing on Etsy. Etsy is such a refreshing change from eBay. The fees are much lower, which is HUGE; but the indie community is such a nice change from the trappings of eBay. Etsy is a site filled with handmade items by indie artisans. There is no bidding...items are priced; ready to purchase. I plan to list many OOAK (one of a kind) bags on Etsy, although I will still offer bags & monogrammed accessories on the website.

I appreciate all of my wonderful customers & friends who supported me during the past year. I have lots of new plans, new ideas, new twists on classic designs... SO MUCH planned for the new year. May 2008 be the best year yet!



PamperingBeki said...

Happy New Year to you!!!

I couldn't agree with you more about etsy. Ebay still has it's place but etsy is just so refreshing!

Bless you!!

Mendy at Modern Charm said...

I agree with both of you.

And Pam, great job on being 20 lbs. lighter! Good for you!!!