Monday, July 11, 2011

Ya Just Never Know When You'll Get a Black Eye

So, just when you think it's a holiday week, people are on vacation, not much going on ..... BAM!  Your mother falls getting out of the shower, has a ginormous goose egg & black eye and no telling what else. Not exactly the way I {or my mom} wanted to spend the lazy days of summer. 

My mom has her own space in our home.  The space is relatively sound proof, but we do hear the occasional bump when a drawer or door is closed.  She enjoys her privacy and we enjoy ours.  Earlier this week, we heard a sound that didn't sound exactly right.  It was not like the normal sounds we hear from her place so we checked it out.  We found that my mom had fallen after getting out of the shower  We got to her within a couple of minutes of her fall.  The goose egg was already forming and I could tell she was going to have a nasty shiner.  She was standing up when I got to her, but I knew she was hurt.  I sat her down in a chair, got ice on that eye and tried to evaluate the situation.  I'm thinking that we have to get a CT scan just to make sure there wasn't any kind of brain bleed.  I insisted on a trip to the ER.  She didn't want to go, but I put my foot down.  You get to do that when you become the adult child.  It flys a little better than trying it when your about 14 years old.

This episode began about 7:30 pm.  Long story short, we went to the ER for a CT scan before 8pm.  The CT didn't happen til 10pm.  They decided to admit her for observation with emphasis on monitoring her heart.   This was at 2:00am.  Yes,  we were in the ER for an eternity.   I don't know that any of us has caught up on the lost sleep yet.

My mother is as healthy as a horse for her age.  She's certainly never had heart problems.  Needless to say, it brought a bit of concern that we didn't expect.  After a few days of in-patient testing from head to toe, she was allowed to come home Friday afternoon.  Hallelujah!  She will follow up with her MD and her new cardiologist.  Her black eye is really amazing.  I didn't know how it would spread.  It's now traveling across her nose and her other eye is beginning to blacken.  My aunt says she looks like she came in second in a hatchet fight. Luckily the skin wasn't broken, but if she said she'd done a few rounds in the ring, I would believe her.  It's already going through the entire rainbow of "black eye colors" too.

As scary as it all was, it is a blessing that nothing was broken.  I do fear her falling and breaking a hip.  It can happen so easily with ladies her age.  It was also a blessing that we were home when this happened.  It was a blessing that she didn't black out while driving or shopping.  It was a blessing that she has a wonderful doctor.  All in all, we cannot complain.  God is good all the time!  She's home now, resting and re-couping.  She did go to church this morning, so I know she's going to be OK.  If you do pray, those prayers would still be appreciated.  :)

So...with the excitement of this week,  Sew Gracious was on the back burner.  No orders were shipped, no orders were sewn,  no orders were even retrieved from the Etsy shop until today.  Yes, I'm trying to catch up, get organized and get ready to sew my brains out for the next few days.

My customers are amazing.  I've contacted many of you this afternoon and have received the kindest notes of concern and messages to let me know that this unexpected delay is not a problem.  I truly love my customers and I love my mom.  I can say that I am blessed too!


Grandma Ellen said...

I was so sorry to read this about your Mom.....our parents have a way of putting us in charge as they age and need our care. So glad you were able to be there for her. And prayers of thanks the damage was no worse than a major "shiner".

ByTheSea said...

Oh yikes.. that is terrible.. that happened to my girlfriends mom also.. but it cut her head open to the bone.. it was GROSS! I hope she keeps doing well.