Monday, March 28, 2011

Alive & Kickin'

Hey Y'all!  I'm still here!  I haven't skipped the country, joined the foreign legion or otherwise disappeared from the face of the earth.  Did ya miss me? ;)

For the past 2 weeks, our house has been the mayhem know as "installing tile flooring in the kitchen & laundry room".  Yes, I decided that dust was an instrument of the Devil as I tried to keep things clean during the 2 week assault on our home.  I finally gave up, got in a funk and just decided to ride it out.  Let's just say I couldn't find my happy place during those last few days.  It was a struggle, but I kept looking for the light at the end of the tunnel; praying it wasn't a train headed right for me.

The work was finished the middle of last week, but only over the weekend did I finally find my happy place.  Sew Daddy was THE MAN on Saturday.  He helped me do some major spring cleaning!  There is no more dust, no more dirt, no more evidence of the craziness that happened.  We are left with a clean home and a beautiful new floor.  To finish the day off, he even helped me hang new drapes in the bedroom.  Yes, he's a good man . . . a mighty, mighty good man!

This floor job was a "have to" job thanks to a faulty dryer vent.  We've been through this once in the past 7 years when our dishwasher leaked.  We replaced vinyl with vinyl that time.  Five short years later I declared that if we have to do this again, it will be done with tile.  So, we have tile.  The sub-floor is incredibly sturdy and this floor is permanent.  I'm happy.

During the renovation period, things were torn out to the point that I could see the ground below my kitchen floor while standing in the kitchen.  Sub-floor came out, right down to the floor joists.  Oh happy day!   I tried not to go to the disaster area  kitchen often because it was just depressing.  I knew it would all be worth it, but that was a LOOOONG 2 weeks.   Our work crew was great.  Headed by a friend from church, we were blessed with working appliances {washer, dryer & stove} almost everyday.  He knew how hard it would be without those things working so he moved things around, but hooked them back up at the end of each work day.  NICE!  We did do without a stove last weekend, but that was ok to.  No stove = no cooking.   Ah, the silver lining!

If you've followed this saga on Facebook, you know some folks have asked for pictures.  I haven't taken pics of the finished kitchen.  After the cleaning marathon yesterday, it was late and I was tired.  I also plan to repaint the kitchen so I may way to share the complete unveil at that time; however I will share a few to represent the bliss of the past 2 weeks.

BEFORE:  Not so bad, but it is vinyl

FLOOR JOISTS:  Yes, that black plastic is what covers the ground under the house. 

New, Sturdy Sub-Floor! No more squeaks, no more problems!

Concrete Board Base and NEW TILE!

A little bonus; just in case you like Simple Minds. ;)

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