Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Spa Day!

No, not for me unfortunately.  I wish!  {Maybe Santa will bring one of those!}

The Spa Day is for my sewing machine.   It's actually more like a Spa Week.  She won't be home til after Christmas.  She's worked hard this year and needed a break.  {hmmm . . . kinda like me!}   It's time for her to be pampered, cleaned, checked for repairs and just to rest.  It's been a while since she's gotten that kind of attention.  Lately she's been pushed, worked long hours and hung in there like a real workhorse.

Machines are pretty complicated, as shown in this simple diagram.  I have a drafting degree, but I'm not going to tackle heavy machine maintenance!   I'll leave that to the experts.

Even though I won't be pampered like my machine,  I will enjoy the next few days; preparing for Christmas and enjoying my family!    Hope YOU do too!

Ahhh . . . relax!

Enjoy your break,  Miss Machine.  We're gonna be busy in 2011!


BoutiqueKarma said...

Ahhhh... Spa Day. I envy our machines who get a vacation and some much needed fine tuning.

I have to call the shop where I bought mine so I can drop mine off before the end of the year for a maintenance. I received a free one with the purchase of mine at the beginning of January. Thank you for the reminder.

Happy Holidays!

Chigger Hill Cottage said...

Doing the same thing! My good friend at SewBizz in Trussville lives up here close to me and I'll be taking my machine to her son (the machine tech). I will miss her!