Monday, December 6, 2010

Sew Gracious Christmas Decorating

Decorating for Christmas!  It's something some people love, something some people do early, something that can really make your home a welcome place for the holidays.

This is our foyer.  The ornaments scattered on the table are vintage Shiny Brites; from my parents original collection.   The cross stitch picture on the stand in the floor is from my cross stitch days.  Some of you may know that I owned a cross stitch and custom framing shop back in the day.  This is one of my favorite pieces and we did a special matting that makes is just perfect.  The graph is by Shepherd's Bush.  I wish I could remember the name.  We hand cut and hand painted the mat.  I always enjoy displaying this during the holidays.

I ADORE vintage Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments.  These are all from my parents original collection.  They were married in December of 1957 and had these on their tree for many years.  I remember them from my childhood, but had no idea how much I would treasure them when I grew up.  The accent of fresh holly is the perfect accent.  

This is at our back entrance.  You can see lots more evidence of my cross stitch days.  I made so many pillows and framed several little pictures.  I love displaying so many items in a small area.   It's a nice "welcome home".

Have you done your holiday decorating?  What's your favorite way to decorate?


polka dot skies said...

Love your vintage ornaments! I always have a bowl full of them in the dining room! Thanks for reminding me to get them out!:) We are working on our gingerbread house!

Jan M said...

Loved catching a glimpse of your holiday home, and your special touches. There is always a bowl of vintage ornaments from my husband's childhood in our entry!

Createology said...

Your decorations are simple, sweet and from the heart. Love how you have displayed them for so much pleasure this season. Happy Holly Jolly...