Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tomato Time & Zucchini-zilla

Our little garden is doing quite well!  I'm so excited that the tomatoes have finally ripened!!!  Of all the thing we planted, tomatoes are my favorite!  What's not to love about a BLT or just a plain ol' tomato sandwich.  GOODNESS!

Here is one of our yummy tomatoes.  We've been blessed with large fruit and no blemishes.
Our little grape tomatoes are coming in abundance and are so sweet! I've been putting them in everything from salads to sauteed spinach to a fresh tomato-basil-feta salad. They aren't bad to snack on either. You can see just a few of our bounty; along with a few little yellow heirloom grapes tomatoes. That plant hasn't done as well, but I'll definitely try again next year. The yellow tomatoes have a different, delicious flavor.

And then there's this . . ZUCCHINI - ZILLA

Our zucchini plants are huge.  The leaves are larger than dinner plates, but we have only a few blooms.  As of the weekend, this was the only zuke we had seen.  I found it when it was the size of a small cucumber so I decided to let it go another day or so.

Well, when I went to pick it, this is what I found :  Zucchini-Zilla!    I had never seen a zucchini this large!  I picked it thinking it would be pretty tough & nasty tasting.  To my surprise, it was very good.  I put part of it in a veggie mix which we grilled.  {I'll share pics & a recipe soon.}

If you have an abundance of tomatoes, you are probably looking for ways to use them.  This is one of my favorite, easy summertime recipes that won't heat up the kitchen.

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