Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Beach Wedding

You just never know what you may see on the beach.

During our recent vacation, we were "guests" at a wedding.
We weren't invited, but I don't think the bride minded. :)
We decided to stay on the beach late that day; to watch the sunset.
It was quiet & almost deserted.
P E R F E C T!

Then we saw some guys in white shirts & khakis walk out on the beach;
followed by a photographer.

I knew what was to follow.

There was a small group of family & friends
 . . .  an us in our beach chairs about 20 yards down the beach.

She was beautiful.
The service was beautiful & simple.
That's the way to go.

It was very sentimental for me.
This wedding took place just a couple of miles down the same beach
where Sew Daddy & I got married almost 15 years ago.

I remembered how I felt 15 years ago.
Getting married on the beach is nice & you can't beat the pictures. :)

I don't know who this happy couple is, but I wish them MUCH happiness!
Thanks for letting us be The Wedding Crashers {from afar}

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Hana said...

How nice! Same thing just happened to us as well. While staying in a house on the beach in Nags Head, NC the guests in the house next to us had a small wedding on their deck overlooking the ocean. So sweet!