Sunday, November 9, 2008

Internet Down

Update ~~~ as of Sunday afternoon we have a connection. Yea! ;-)


UGH!!! Don't you hate it when things don't work properly; especially a service that you pay for?
Me too!

I discovered this morning that our internet connection is down. Nice! After a phone call to the provider, we were told it could be fixed anytime between now . . . and Wednesday Nov 12. Huh? The 12th? Don't they know I have a business to run, emails to answer, bags to list? I guess in the big picture it's not a big thing to them, but it is to me.

Anyway, I'm at Sew Daddy's office checking email and such right now. If you email me, convo me on Etsy, etc and I don't respond right away, you will know why. It's not because I don't love you, it's because I can't stay here 24/7 while our connection is down. ;-) And please keep your fingers crossed for a repair sooner rather than later!

I guess this could fall under that "real life happens" heading! :-)

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kim* said...

oh my yes i hate when that happens too.