Friday, July 18, 2008

Glimpses from my Garden: Impatiens

Being Impatien
Sorry for the pun. ;-) Window Boxes . . . they are as American as baseball, apple pie and white picket fences. These are 2 of the 4 window boxes on the bay window outside my kitchen. It is all in the shade of a ginormous oak tree and 2 small dogwoods. I wanted something pretty & bright that would tolerate the shade. Impatiens fit the bill perfectly. I always use this bright pink color because they are so happy & welcoming. We can see these as we sit at our breakfast table and they also greet us everytime we come home. Planting in April brings full bloom by mid-summer. The will need to be trimmed back a bit next month so they don't become leggy in those last dog days of summer. It's hard to cut off some of the beautiful blooms, but it prolongs the plants until time for pansies in the fall.
More Glimpses from my Garden features coming soon.

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Martha said...

oh Pam it looks like a postcard!