Monday, June 23, 2008

Glimpses from my Garden : Hydrangeas

Blue Monday

Blue Mondays don't have to be "blue" if they are filled with beautiful hydrangeas! Of all the flowers in the world, hydrangeas are among my most favorite. Maybe it's the color, maybe it's because they are Southern, maybe it's the nostalgia. I remember loving hydrangeas as a child, back when I didn't know the difference between a begonia and a tulip. There is just something appealing about hydrangeas.

I have 9 hydrangea bushes, in full bloom right now. My favorites are these big, blue mopheads; but I also have a couple of lace caps. Some are beginning to change color now. I'm seeing shades of lavendar, cream & more. I hope to dry some of my blooms so that I can enjoy them year round. If not, I will remember the beauty they bring in the summer and look forward to next year.

More Glimpses from my Garden features coming soon.


Sarah McBride said...

I love hydrangeas. Yours are beautiful!!

Simply Sentimental said...

Those are the most beautiful flowers I've seen....How lucky you are to be able to look at those each and every day...Thanks for sharing..

lorenzstudio said...

These are so gorgeous!!

Missy said...

Pam, I love your hydrangeas! They are beautiful!