Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dolly Good Show : American Idol

It's Dolly Parton week on American Idol. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. All of the contestants did well, even those who wouldn't be considered to be in the country music genre.
  • The 2 Davids were outstanding and my favorite performances of the evening.

  • BTW . . . David Cook was taken to the hospital after last nights performance because of heart palpitations and high blood pressure. He has been released and I hope he's OK

  • Michael Johns wasn't bad either, but the ascot was kinda cheesy.

  • Jolene was a great choice for Brooke White and I loved the ensemble of the fiddle, drum box, etc; but the tempo was just a tad too fast

  • Carly did well, but I think her confidence is being shaken, by the media and comments like Simon made. I agree in part . . . at this point in the competition, the stylists should be making her look great every week. Her wardrobe last night . . . not so great

  • Jason Castro is growing on me. Great performance last night. He's cute and has a winning smile, but he doesn't interview well

  • Syesha . . . You knew she would sing I Have Always Loved You. I mean, Whitney made it a hit long after Dolly originally performed it years ago. Since Whitney did, Syesha had to do it too, right? Sorry . . . if you're gonna sing anything Whitney sang, you should be able to do it just as well or better. Syesha missed the marked BIG TIME last night.

  • Country Music should have been right up Kristy Lee's alley, but she seems disconnected from her song, Coat of Many Colors.

  • Ramiele . . . . :-(

My picks for the bottom 3 tonight: RAMIELE, KRISTY LEE & SYESHA


T said...

Jolene is my very favorite Dolly song. You can't help but see her and smile, her little giggle is so contagious. :)

Cicada Studio said...

I'll agree with everything you say except about Jason... to use Simon's words "I just don't get it". Close your eyes and there's just nothing there when he sings!
Anyway, as much as Ramiele is rather dull, Syesha is just starting to irk me.
David Cook! eep.

Sarah McBride said...

I KNEW Syesha was going to sing I will always love you. It was SOOOO predictable.
I forgot how much I love Dolly Parton.

hope you dont mind, I bragged on you again the other day...