Saturday, December 8, 2007

Ornament of the Day #3 : Bride & Groom

Ornaments of the Day : the Bride & Groom. This lovely couple is enjoying their 3rd year on our Christmas tree. They first arrived in 2005 to commemorate our 10th Christmas Together. These are Merck's Old World Christmas Ornaments and some of my favorites. These also make great wedding gifts for a special bride & groom. The Merck family offers these ornament with blond hair also.

I love the retro look of this sweet pair and will also enjoying putting them on our tree.


Jenn said...

What sweet little ornaments! I have a little skiing snowman like that that my mother in law bought. I love it! :)

I'm going to join your ornament parade...I just need to get the pictures together!

Dharma Designs said...

Adorable ornaments! And nice blog! I'm linking yours to mine...