Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Eyes Have It

They say it's a miracle. I hope it is for me.

Today I will be having LASIK surgery.

I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade, so you can imagine how popular I was. The smart girl with glasses..... ;-) I progressed through the years and finally got my first contacts in high school. Glasses & braces were just too much for a young teen to handle. To me, contact lenses were a miracle!

Fast forward to my 20s. Thoses were the days before disposable lenses. I had to clean, rub, enzyme, soak, boil my lenses to keep them clean. Even with all that work, I developed a condition called GPC, Giant Papillary Conjunctivis. Let's just say, it wasn't fun. When the insides of your eyelids peel, it is a problem. (Ok .... probably too much info there) GPC is not contagious, but it is hellacious. I had to stop wearing contacts and it finally cleared up.

Because I hated glasses, my doctor suggested I try rigid gas permeable contacts. They were OK, no GPC, but they just weren't as comfortable as a soft lenses. Thank goodness disposable lenses were introduced. I had success with those for many years....until May of this year.

GPC returned! UGH!!!! Back to the glasses. My doctor said that once you get GPC, there is a better chance of recurrance than for someone who has never had it :-( I decided enough was enough!

So, today I am having LASIK. I've heard it called a modern medical miracle. I pray that it is for me.


sas said...

I too got glasses in the 2nd grade. I started wearing contacts in the 7th grade and don't have any problems. I wear disposable and sleep in them every night. I take them out every month and let my eyes rest for a night or two. Everyone keeps trying to get me to get LASIK, but since I don't have any problems with contacts... I hate to. My brother had it however and loves it! I hope it makes your life easier.

Robin Hart said...

Oh tell me how you like seeing? I would do that but I have soo many things, farsighted, short arm syndrome and astigmatism.