Friday, November 10, 2006

The Perfect Personalized Gift : MONOGRAMMED ACCESSORIES

While some people love the hustle and bustle of the mall, you must on-line while sitting at your computer in your PJs is not a bad way to go either! Hopefully I can provide a shopping destination for you. Everyone needs a gift in that $10-15 range. What can you get for $10 that doesn't look like you shopped at the "Everything's a Dollar" store?

I have the answer!!! SEW GRACIOUS Monogrammed Accessories are THE PERFECT, PERSONALIZED yet inexpensive gifts. Who doesn't love to receive something with their name or initials on it? You will be the thoughtful gift-giver and your recipient will have something useful yet beautiful.

Monogrammed Key Fobs are the hot gift for Christmas 2006. You can choose from a variety of ribbons, fonts & webbing for favorite color combinations : Pink Chocolate, Spa Blue & Chocolate, Every-Preppy Pink & Green and more!

You can go directly to the eBay listing for Monogrammed Key Fobs here! :-)

Monogrammed Checkbooks are another option for a personalized gift that doesn't break the
bank. Even in the world of debit cards & credit cards, we still need a checkbook! ;-) There are lots of fabrics available! Get creative and put together a matching set : Checkbook & Key
Fob! Here's a link to the listing for Monogrammed Checkbook Covers.

For the Little Girls (or Big Girls) on your list, consider giving a Monogrammed Ponytail Holder!These are the ultra-gift gift for Christmas 2006. They were recently featured on The Today Show so you know they are on everyone's Christmas List! What a great gift for your daughters friends, teammates, cheer leading friends and more. Moms wear them too, so don't forget your best girlfriend!

Please shop early! Because a custom monogramming takes time, there is an deadline for order in time for Christmas delivery.

All Monogrammed Items
must be ordered by
Sunday, December 3, 2006
to insure Christmas Delivery


Anonymous said...

I will be back for more key fobs!

jemima bean said...

LOVE the keybobs too!! So cute ;) The punkins below are pretty cute too!!