Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4 years ago today . . .

 . . . my eyes changed forever. 

I had LASIK surgery.  I've heard it called a modern miracle and for me it was a good thing.

I did need an enchancement within the first few months after my original surgery.  My eyes were so terribly bad in the beginning, an enchancement is not unusual.  I found it was better to be under corrected, rather than over corrected.   Over correction would have resulted in needing readers immediately.  Even though I'm nearing that age, I'm not quite there yet. :)

After my enhancement, things have been great.  I do have some glasses that I sometimes need when driving at night.  It's not a bad trade off.  I don't need other vision correction, not even readers just yet.  It's nice to get out of bed in the mornings without reaching for glasses. It's nice to not worry about taking contacts out before bed.  It's just a wonderful convenience.

LASIK is not for everyone and this post is not  an endorsement of any procedure or any doctor.  It is merely sharing of my personal experience.


Dana said...

Thats really interesting as its something Iv been considering, but from what iv been reading up on there are many differnt types and I got a bit confuddled and scrapped the idea (Im a bit of a chicken) still, If I ever get the courage I may have to come and pick your brain if you dont mind :-)

Sew Gracious said...

Dana, there are so many types of corrective eye surgery and I'm sure things have progressed alot in the past 4 years. Only you & your doctor can decide it's right for you. I was chicken too and was a little anxious during the procedure.

kendascrafts said...

I had LASIK about 3 months ago and LOVE it!