Monday, May 30, 2011

A Memorial Day Thank You!

Dear Men & Woman of our Military,

Thank you!  Thank you for the service you give, the sacrifices you make, that you put yourselves in harms' way every day.  You don't do it for glory or praise or accolades.  You do it because you are proud Americans.  Your brothers & sisters in arms did it before you.  Some of them paid the ultimate sacrifce, but they all sacrificed something.  Maybe their time was spent in the battlefield while a baby was being born back home.  Maybe they saw a "brother" take his last breath in a rice paddy in Vietnam.   Perhaps they lost their own life to save the lives of many others in their squad.  They were brave beyond compare... just like you. Maybe It is because of their example that you serve today. 

Your families serve also.  They may not be on the front lines, but they have their own front lines.  They keep life going back home.  Lots of single moms & dads are carrying the load of both parents while one is away; protecting our country.  Their sacrifice must not go unnoticed.  They keep you going when nothing else does.

This family will always be humbled & honored by your service.  Because of you, we can sleep soundly at night.  Because of you, we can proudly fly our flag...and we do.

Thank you is not enough.

With humble respect & appreciation,
The Sew Gracious Family 

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Rachel said...

Pam, from the bottom of my proud heart thank you!