Monday, April 25, 2011

Back from Vacation! {You Never Know What You Will See at the Beach : part 1}

Well, it was wonderful.  The weather perfect.  The food outstanding.  The company even better.  The Gracious Family enjoyed a much needed break from the regular routine.  It went by too quickly; as it always does...but it is good to be home.  As cliche' as it is, there's no place like home!  It was even good to do laundry in my own laundry room.  My bed and my shower ... PRIMO!

So, I know you've seen plenty of pretty pictures of sand & waves.  I share them most every year, but this year I decided to shake it up a bit.  One of the labels of my blog is "You Never Know What You Will See at the Beach"... and for good reason.  You just see things at the beach you that you don't see in my little tiny home town.

Here's just a bit of "extra-ordinary" we saw this past week!

Baseball practice in a small town on a Friday afternoon in April

The Bat Mobile {?}

Priorities, PeopleBAIT listed first, even before food

It was Superhero Week :: We also saw Superman!

The Full Moon.
I wish I were a better photographer because it was gorgeous!

Playing with the exposure on my camera with that beautiful full moon

This must have been a Girls Week at the beach.
There were about 10 of them total. And the water wasn't THAT cold.

Beach Volleyball, anyone?

This little boat faired much better than The Minnow

Beautiful Dog


polka dot skies said...

So glad you all had a good time! I love your pictures-especially the little boy in the cape-so cute!

Michelle@Sew-Krafty said...

I live in Florida, 7 miles from the beach and have not "been to the beach" in over 12 years! Seriouly...pretty ridiculous, isnt' it!?
Your pics are great. Sew glad you have a good time. :)

Robin Hart said...

Well in my world Bait is listed first.... :)