Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

So far, So good!

My name is not Mary and I'm not usually contrary,
but this garden thing has worked out pretty well so far. 
It is our first year to have a true garden.  We've had tomato plants in the past,
but this year I wanted to expand {and hopefully cut the grocery bill a bit this summer}
It's all really a learning process for us, but it's been fun!

Sew Daddy built us 2 raised planting beds from these instructions.  The beds are WONDERFUL!  Did you see that he even dressed them up a bit with copper covers for the 4x4s in the corners.  Love that!  In this bed, we have planted lettuce, beans, eggplant, yellow squash and cucumbers.

The Tomato Jungle!  We planted some Better Boys, one grape tomato plant and an heirloom yellow tomato plant.  They seem to be pretty happy here.  Next year we will have taller tomato supports as we have in the past. We have these tied & rigged in some creative ways this year.

This bed also has some zucchini, carrots and peppers.  I don't know if the carrots will do well because they are shadowed by the massive tomatoes and zuke plants.  Several varieties of peppers are slowly coming along on the far end.

Green Tomatoes!  The promise of good things {and good meals} to come!

Our 1st squash {and first harvest} on the vine . . . . . . . . then freshly picked.

Little Gracious and I also planted some flowers seeds on Mothers Day.  Our flower bed is doing well.  The birds did feast on a few of our sunflower seeds, but most survived and are growing tall.  They are at the far end of this bed. 

Zinnias are in the middle.  I adore zinnias in the summertime.  They make the best cut flowers and really bright up the house.

Although not in this shot, we also planted some carnation seeds and some other little miscellaneous flower seeds; just to see what grows.

Life is GOOD!

I'd love to hear about your garden this summer!  What are YOU growing?


Your favorite Aunt LuLu said...

Because the soil is so sandy in Augusta, Momma and Daddy potted a few tomato plants. However we don't know the variety and they haven't been on the vine long enough to grow bigger than a large marble. Everyone keeps eating them!

You have inspired me to plant a pack or two of sunflowers along our pool!

It looks beautiful! You have a very pretty green thumb!!

The Asquad said...

We do a garden every summer!! You can read about our garden a couple summers ago here.

It's been so wet here this year, we're a little behind but I almost think that will be to our benefit with a stonger harvest----just delayed.

Love reading about you and yours!!