Thursday, June 10, 2010

15 Years Ago Today

June 10, 1995

It was a day like many other days; except I was at the beach.  It's a good place to wake up; especially when the weather is perfect.  Bright sunshine, blue water, calming waves & gentle breeze.  My best friend and I had the perfect day ahead and made plans for later.

My friend and I walked on the beach.  We sat by the pool & sipped cold iced tea.  I did my nails {french manicure . . .  yes, I got paid by other people to do that, once upon a time} . . .  R E L A X E D!  It was heaven.

Later in the afternoon, I showered and went to a salon to get my hair done.  Since I did my own nails, it was nice to have someone else do my hair.  The stylist treated me to a glass of chardonnay, a nice conversation and the world was a happy place, but I had to get back to the room because my best friend and I had plans for later.

Our room was beautiful.  We stayed at a B&B, right on the beach.  It doesn't get much better than that!   It was time to get dressed for the evening.  My friend had already dressed and gone downstairs.  I had the room to myself.  :)

Since it was such an exceptional day, I wore a dress for the evening's events.  Not just any dress.
It was special . . . because I had plans for 7pm.

The dress was white . . antique white, actually.  Not blinding white, but not ivory either.

There were only the two of us, my best friend and I; along with the minister and the planner.  She coordinated everything long distance.  We don't live at the beach, but she knew the best place to stay, she knew who should do my hair, she ordered my flowers, she contacted the minister and she was in the background when my friend and I proceeded with our plans.

Shortly after 7pm on June 10, 1995 my best friend became my husband!

My fingers were swollen.  A hot day at the beach can do that to you.  Luckily, we were able to exchange rings.   Check out the manicure!   And yes . . . those are my real nails; no acrylics, no tips.

No, I didn't marry an old man.  I'm actually a little older than he is.   Thanks to his genetic make-up, he is follically challenged.  It's OK.  Thank goodness he decided that hair is overrated and now sports a chic bald head & van dyke/gotee.  He looks 20 years younger now than he did then.

Yes, I was goofy and wore pantyhose.  I KNOW!!!  YUCK!  It was way too hot and shortly after that I realized that everything that was pounded into my head as a child {you HAVE to wear hose with a dress; preferably control top} wasn't necessarily true.

And so it began . . .

our life together.

It was a wonderful day.
a day that changed my life forever.
a day I will always remember.
a day that began my journey with the most wonderful man in the world.

Happy 15th Anniversary to Sew Daddy! 
~~~lyd <3 ~~~


CFCina said...

awesome! ;-) Happy's my parents 44th today...June a VERY good day!

~ Kathy (Oregon)

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Anniversary to both of you! :))

Mama Bear said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to you both! What a wonderful memory!