Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hay People!

Hay People
Hey, People!
Hey! PEOPLE!!!
{insert your own inflection here ;-) }

My little town was founded by German immigrants over 130 years ago. There is an annual Oktoberfest celebration now to honor our heritage. Businesses decorate with mums & pumpkins, restaurants serve traditional German food, there is a burgermeister, some people wear lederhosen & dirndls. It's a fun week for our little town filled with activities for young & old.

This cute couple have become a favorite attraction for locals & visitors alike. They are each constructed from 3 of those huge round hay bales so they are probably 15-18' tall. Pretty cute and pretty clever, huh? I'm not sure who makes their clothing or who braids her hair, but I appreciate their hard work to make something fun for our little town.

Life is good. :-)

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