Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Be a Sew Gracious Facebook Fan

Sew Gracious now has a Facebook Fan Page.

I've discovered that social networking can be time consuming. :-) I've been busy for the past few days; not only sewing, but also setting up the Sew Gracious Facebook Fan Page. I'll admit, I'm still learning my way around Facebook, so please bear with me; but I invite you to visit! I'm currently working to get pictures in the photo tab. It will also be a great way to get updates on SG news. I'll still be blogging {more often, I promise} and I'm also Twittering. Sometimes I offer exclusive specials & coupon codes on Twitter and you may also see some on Facebook too. I'm just saying . . . if you love a bargain, check in regularly to see what might be available.
To get to the SG page, click the Facebook logo above or the widget <<<====== over in the left menu. See ya there!

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