Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Nesting Place

As you may have gathered by previous posts, we have a pool; which in turn means we have a little pool house. It's nothing fancy; nothing more a storage place for floats, chairs, etc. We opened the pool a few weeks ago and cleaned out the pool house for the season. At that time, we found a baby bird and a little nest. The bird was literally at the point of flying the nest so we did away with that nest. We thought the birds were gone for the season.

No so! We were getting some floats {LOVE my Spring Float} out the other day and discovered THIS nest! It had been abandoned, but I was amazed at the construction of pine straw and moss. Birds are truly amazing. This nest was not there a couple of weeks ago. It's a simple little thing, but oh so incredible. This would have been a good picture for Pampering Beki's Fingerprint Friday! :-).