Monday, April 20, 2009

Go Fly A Kite!

Ah, first day back to real life after a week at the beach. That's always a big step after having no schedule for a week; eating what we want & sleeping late. Hakuna Matata . . . no worries. :) We had a wonderful trip; lots of family time and new memories made. It was one of our best vacations ever!

If you've spent any time on any beach, you know it's a wonderful place to people watch. During our week, one of the people we watched each day was Kite Man. We looked forward to his arrival on the sand each day because we knew we were in for a treat. When I was getting all the pictures off my camera, I realized that I hadn't snapped pictures of all of his kites. I wish I had! It was really a spectacle to behold. He had a tribal mask kite, a red hot chili pepper, lots of windsock-looking contraptions and who know what else.

He brought everything to the beach in golf club bag and most days set up a 10x10 canopy for his family and himself. He was truly a professional. He must have used clothesline for string because considering the gusts, the weight of his kites and all that he was flying, ordinary kite string would have never worked. Have I said he was a professional? We actually wondered if he owned a kite shop . . . or maybe kept one in business! LOL The string was wound on one of those big orange spools that you wind heavy duty extension cords on. I don't know how long the string was, but the kites could fly up to about 8 or 10 stories high. You could see them all over the beach.

This is one of his creations. I believe the top kite had a span of about 7 or 8 feet. Apparently the round addition is his signature piece because, even when he had multiple kite lines in the air, he always had one of this round, spinning pieces on each line. Most days he also had an American flag flying too. I loved that!

The long tail here must have been over 50 feet long.

We saw him get this one in the air and it just kept unrolling.
It was so long I wasn't able to capture the entire length while standing on the sand.
So, wanna meet the Kite Man?

Here you can see the big orange spool and the heavy duty kite string
and the golf club cart. :)
So, Kite Man; although I don't know you or where you are from; should you ever find my blog, I'd like to thank you for the beautiful kites and the entertainment you provided for us each day.
You surely enjoy your hobby and we do too. Thanks for sharing with those of us lucky enough to be on the beach last week!


Jen said...

How cool that kite man can do what I cannot! My kids always beg me to fly kites with them and it always lasts about 5 minutes. I have no aerodynamic skills I guess! :0)

Anonymous said...

O I do love flying kites. Great blog!

audreyscountrycrafts said...

I love kites, and some of them just look like they shouldn't fly, yet do. Amazing.

Chelsea said...

Kites are so fun and fancy-free. Today I went to the park with my little Sis, and that's exactly what we did, we flew her new kite! Every time we'd start to wind it up, thinking there would be no more wind, a gust would suddenly pick it up again. What fun it was!