Friday, February 13, 2009

Solutions . . . & fri the 13th

Hey, let's not even worry about Friday the 13th. No triskaidekaphobia here. No siree, bob!
Have you visited The Shop lately? Well, get thee there straight away! There are new goodies to be had, me Lovelies!

Brand new this week:

So you love the Wristlet Key Fobs, but need something a little smaller;
something you can just hook over a finger or two
THE SOLUTION: Sew Gracious Finger Fobs
These are a just a few samples. Every full-size Wristlet Key Fob in The Shop
is available as a Finger Fob. Just convo me on Etsy for a reserved listing!

Wear a badge at work or ID at school?
Tired of the same old boring lanyard?
THE SOLUTION: Sew Gracious Lanyard Badge Holders
Most all fabrics seen on other items in The Shop are available.
Convo me on Etsy for your reserved listing

Still thinking about Friday the 13th?
Think is gonna be a scary, weird, cruddy, vexing, hexing, hoaxing, stay-in-the-bed kind of day?
It doesn't have to be.
Just because you read my blog, I am offering 13% your entire purchase {any items} today only
This special isn't offered anywhere but here, sweeties!
Standard postage rates will apply, of course, but hey . . . 13% is 13%, right?
Good only on orders placed before 11:59pm CST on Friday Feb 13, 2009

What's the catch? You MUST, MUST MUST enter this code at checkout.
Friday the 13th Discount Code: TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA
Complete your payment & I'll refund 13% of your purchase price back to your Paypal account

It's pays to read the fine print.
xoxoxo love ya!

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Sinje Ollen said...

Wow, I wish I still worked in corporate land. Your work-id strap is gorgeous! I love the fabrics you use. Will definitely visit your Etsy shop!