Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bless Y O U ! ! !

AaaaahCHOOOO!!! Bless YOU!

..... Got the sniffles?
..... Watched a great movie?
..... Going to a wedding?

::: Dry those tears & blow your nose in style :-)

Announcing the newest item in the
SEW GRACIOUS line of accessories for 2008

: : : The Tissue Case : : :

We all need a tissue from time to time. Colds happen! Don't you hate having to dig in the bottom of your purse only to bring up a half-shredded tissue full of chewed gum, a sticky sucker and who-knows-what-else? ICK!

I have the solution! It's a simple little thing, but it can make your day so much nicer & your purse a little neater. Keep your tissues clean & neat... and easy to find!

This little case can also hold your monthly feminine necessities! Check the size (about 3" x 5") to see if your brand of tampons or pads will fit. Discreet & pretty!

  • your BRIDESMAIDS! ~volume discount available~ email me for details
  • teachers
  • secret pals
  • co-workers
  • tween birthday party favor
  • YOU - get one for your purse, one for your desk

  • . . . just because. A great little pick-me-up for anyone. :-) you've gotta have one (or two or 10), right? ;-)

They are currently available in my Etsy shop and will be coming soon to the website.

here's the best part

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