Friday, November 17, 2006

Pansy Problems

As you know, I was so excited about planting my pansies last month. They brighten up the days of winter and are a nice touch in the spring. I have pretty window boxes right outside my kitchen window so I can always see my pansies. Ah....bliss

Well this year has not gone according to plan. :-(

Let's just say that

Those nasty, little, furry-tailed rodents have turned my planter boxes into their smorgasboard! The pansy foliage is beautiful and green, but there are no blooms to be seen. Apparently, pansy blooms are quite the delicacy in Rodent World. Needless to say, I have NOT been happy about my bloom-less blossoms.

In my attempt to deter them from continuing their feast, I sprinkled cayenne pepper on my pansies. ~ HOT STUFF!~ I've heated up their little paws & mouths. That should do the trick! The pansies haven't recovered yet, but I have seen signs of a few blooms. At least I know the pepper won't harm the pansies. :-)

Oh, and I did see a squirrel drinking profusely from the bird feeder today. :-) That's a spicy pansy!


Samantha said...

Oh no! I'm sorry they got your pansies. But I guess you showed them...unless they're cajun squirrels, then there's no hope...


sewgracious said...

LOL I *hope* they aren't Cajun squirrels! ;-)

Anonymous said...

We used to do this for a dog we had when I was a kid! It really works! We made like a cayenne conconction and brushed it on the legs of the wicker porch furniture the little dog had a penchant for knawing at and it really did the trick!

sewgracious said...

If it works for dogs; hopefully it will work for squirrels too! Thanks, MM! :-)